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Did you know that we do Retail?

The Studio is here to make you look amazing in salon, but also continue the look when you get home! We stock a range of products to help maintain your new look! The Studio stocks a range of retail products for your shopping convenience.

Our Gorgeous Hair extraordinaire Tahlia of HBT can provide you with the right after care products that you will need to maintain your amazing hair! She can supply you with a wide range of after care for hair including shampoos, conditioners, tratments, styling products & hair accessories.

Are you a Lash Extension wearer? Our Amazing Cynthia of Minht Artistry, has developed her own lash cleanser and can provide you with brushes & sleep masks to take care of your gorgeous lashes!

The Studio itself, retails a large earring collection, so many unique and gorgeous pieces, and always only $10 a pair, gift bagged to make that perfect last minute gift... or treat for yourself!

Also on offer are Lipsticks, lip scrubs, eyelashes and eyeliners by ModelRock, as well as a range of clutches/bags, don't forget our AMAZING 4-1 travel bottle! a must have necessity for everyone!!

And last but not least....we are a proud stockist of BE. Bangles!  if you haven't heard of Be. come in and check them out!

Come on in to see our range of stunning products. If there is anything we don’t have in store, we highly recommend you check our our recommended online store:

MODELROCK is Australia's #1 Professional Faux eyelash brand. 

MODELROCK Lashes offer 100 per cent hand-made beautiful false eyelashes for all occasions. Lashes are made from professional and premium quality materials and are also re-usable.

MODELROCK Liquid to Matte lipstck is a Long-wearing, ultra lightweight liquid to matte lipstick that will last for hours. Intense highly-pigmented, sharp colours, with a velvet-like feel to the lips. Wear alone or partner with your favourite MODELROCK Lipgloss.

All MODELROCK lipsticks are made in the USA and are 100% VEGAN + CRUELTY FREE + PARABEN FREE

The Studio also stocks MODELROCK's absolutely divine lip scrubs... a MUST HAVE! & Lash Extension friendly liquid eyeliners.


Love. Love. Love this item!!! ABSOLUTELY fabulous for travel, camping and the occasional sleep iver. Don’t want to lug all your beauty products around with you? Don’t want all the mini little travel bottle scattered through you me suitcase/toiletries bag? WELL! here is the solution!
The Studio stocks these amazing Travel Sub Bottles.
Four individual 40ml (more like 50ish ml) bottles all conveniently grouped together in one unit!
Fill and label each bottle, put them in the compact unit an voila! Travel unit complete!
If you know me, you’ll know I head off over night regularly whenever I can to the river.... this is something (my overly organised self) I can't leave home without. To be honest, I use mine on an everyday basis now  It just lives in my bathroom vanity unit.... It is just that convenient and only $19.95 

 The Studio has an ever-changing range of fashion earrings in stock! 

Stay up to date with whats new by following us on Instagram! new stock shown regularly on our insta-stories!

At just $10 a pair and with hoops, tassels, wooden, acrylic, studs and so much more on offer there is bound to be something to compliment your outfit! Need a last minute gift ( all pairs are gift bagged) or even just to add that eclectic statement piece to your collection! 

Unique designs to make you stand out! 

Brow Code Indus Valley Brow Gold

Enriched with 5 beautifully nourishing natural oils, Brow Gold is a luxuriously effective brow treatment formulated to assist with brow growth and nourishment.

A 100% natural formula featuring Castor, Argan, Rosemary, Geranium, and Sweet Almond Oil, Brow Gold nourishes brows using a range of scientifically proven skin nourishing and hair loss reducing ingredients without the addition of artificial growth stimulators. Designed to help nourish, enhance and promote the health of hair cells and follicles, daily use helps restore and nourish brows, promoting thicker and longer hairs, and protects against hair loss.

Featuring some of the most popular hair growth oils, Brow Gold is a unique mix of beauty industry favoured oils.

$69.95 come in and get your golden elixir today!

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