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Hair Extensions.

Hair extensions is an art.


Art can be created with many different tools.

In many cases you can create art using a mixture of mediums and quality of products.


In the case of hair extensions you need to make sure you are only using premium hair and premium tools and premium products.

Here at The Studio we pride ourselves in providing you with quality hair , expert craftsmanship, seamless blends and our ultimate aim is for you to leave with your most amazing hair ever.


We will always aim to update our skills and ensure that we are educated with the latest styles within the hair extension industry

Hair Extensions Adelaide , nano beads weft extension
Hair Extensions Adelaide , nano beads weft extension
Hair Extensions Adelaide , nano beads weft extension



At The Studio, we are proud of our hair and where we source it. We have been working closely with Volume&Length Hair Extensions, an Australian hair supplier. We make a conscious decision to source hair here because the working relationship between our Hair extensions Stylists with the supplier has been established for the goal of creating a unique - customised set of extensions for each individual whom walks to our Salon.

Before each order has been made, The Studio stylists and our supplier will discuss thoroughly about colours, lengths, placement…and the goal that our clients are aiming to achieve.

Regardless of the method of Hair extensions (keratin bonds, nanobeads or weft) that you prefer or our stylists recommend, we will always be able to custom make the set that suits you. This is our point of difference! We will provide you with the most beautiful customised colours and blends! We DO NOT COLOUR our extensions in most situations. This means for you less fading, less cost and less time you need to spend in the Salon.

Your first or next set of hair extensions at The Studio is crafted for you by our supplier and our stylists who are always undergoing up-skill training and learning from internationally qualified experts.

The Quality of hair extensions are varied by origins, how they are treated…and so on.

We know where our hair extensions come from, how they are chemically treated and how they bare then customised for you individually.

Our Coloured hair range is sourced from Asia as Single Donors Virgin Dark Brown Hair and go through colour processing in Europe, then finally shipped to Australia as raw bundles coloured hair or wefted hair.

Of course all of our hair  is 100% Human Hair. It is then proudly customised right  here in Australia for you. All the hair goes through strict quality control to make sure 100% of the cuticles are intact, no sleek cover of silicone coating… so no unruly, knotted or tangles during your wear lifespan.

We also offer Virgin Asian Hair that never been chemical treated. This type of hair is most suited to natural brown hair clients, the hair is available in straight and wavy textures with all methods. Our Virgin Hair will last up to 2 years of wear.

As a team at The Studio, we are striving to offer you the most natural set of extensions not distinguishable from your own hair.

When it comes to Hair extensions, every individual is unique and different, we offer a complimentary, thorough 15 minutes consultation with our qualified & skilled stylists where together you will custom design a Hair Extensions plan to meet your individual goals.

We are unable to provide a quote over the phone/text/email before we meet you in our Salon. Our consultation are thorough, you will leave with an inclusive price estimate break down and you are at completely no obligation to decision make in the Salon .

When you are satisfied with your hair goal and plan, we will have your gorgeous, luscious new hair express delivered to The Studio within 2-3 business days. We do require a $200 Deposit non-refundable at time of your booking to secure your hair delivery and appointment.

Nano Bead Extensions

At The Studio, We use tiny nano aluminium beads which are lined with silicone to attach single hair extensions strands to your natural hair, the silicone lining creates a cushion type layer between the aluminium wall and the natural hair that prevents cutting through hair when installing and wearing. Nanobeads are the smallest and the most innovative way to apply hair extensions. They are tiny, comfortable and almost impossible to detect even when you are wearing your hair extensions up in a ponytail. The Nanos are not damaging to the natural hair when fitted by a trained professional. They do not require heat or glue to secure them, meaning they will be kinder and gentler on the hair. When it’s time to remove or lift up, they won’t require any solutions, unlike other pre-bonded methods.

The Initial Installation takes our stylist from 90-120 minutes, the maintenance service is 60-90 minutes for Nanos Hair Extensions service itself.

We recommend the Salon maintenance for Nanobeads Hair extensions is between 8-10 weeks, that also makes nanos is a go-to method for all our blonde/balayage ladies.


Keratin Bonds/Fusions


Keratin bonds or Fusions Hair Extensions is the one of the oldest, more traditional Hair extensions methods. The individual strand of Hair extensions is attached to the natural hair by using heat (hot fusion) to melt the pre-bonded keratin and fuse to the nature hair. Keratin Bonds Hair Extensions offer wearers the longest, most permanent type of extensions in the market: many client wear this type of extensions for 3-4 months.


With well-trained and experienced Stylists, keratin bonds is also one of the methods that the most customised in salon. From single colour strands to multiple colours strands, our Stylists at The Studio can create the look you expect without colouring your own hair, only using colors from extensions. That makes Keratin Bonds Extensions a fantastic method  for clients wanting longer wear in-between salon maintenance and for a product that will encourage their own hair to grown.

Keratin Bond extensions are suitable for all types of hair, from thin to medium thick hair because of the way it can be customised in the salon but it also means a lot of hours will be prepared your extensions and also your time in the salon and requires more investment from clients. Whilst Keratin Fusion may sound like a pricier method of hair extensions, at The Studio Keratin bonds/ Fusions Hair are REUSABLE. Unlike many other salons we do offer rebonding of your hair to get the best value out of your set.  You are able to reuse the hair up to 3-4 times. Did we mention our Coloured hair range lasts up to 12 months with proper care and our Virgin Hair lasts up to 2 years?

Simple daily maintenance is required for your keratin bonded extensions. A few simple rituals such as daily gentle brushing and running your fingers through your hair at the bond area will prevent the hair from winding around each other, this is especially important as the extensions grow down away from the scalp. We recommend you use the recommended hair care products for the entire duration of wear as they have been specially formulated to keep the keratin bonds firm and in optimal condition. Products that contain parabens, sulphates, silicone, alcohol and other ingredients often act as a solvent, greatly reducing the lifespan of the keratin fused bonds and causing them to deteriorate and break down.


The Initial Keratin Bonds Hair Extensions installation takes up to 3-4 hours for a full head (depend on how much hair you need) and the maintenance service will take you 2 appointments: removal appointment is about an hour and you will come back from the next day after your strands will be re-bonded with fresh keratin. We understand there are circumstances or clients get to us after long drive, we are able to offer removal and re-apply in 1 setting but it will take around 6-7 hours of your time and our Stylist’s. Give us a call before booking your Keratin bonds maintenance you would like to get them done in one go.

Many clients will choose the Keratin bonds/Fusions hair extensions for the longer wear duration, therefore, we would recommend this service to clients with the least frequent colour service, or a colour service that won't interfere with the bonds such as a scalp bleach.

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are a client favourite because they do not require glue, heat to apply and are one of the most hair friendly extensions in the market. Wefts are a great type of extension for instant volume and length. Wefts are more suitable for medium and thick hair clients.

At The Studio, we use flat-track beaded sew-in method in which our Stylists use nylon-polyester threads to sew the weft hair to the track of bead. We also could offer hybrid technique with wefts, which means we add some individuals strands (nanos or keratin bonds) to finer areas that may be exposed in order to get you the seamless blend without any limitations of the method.

The Initial Weft Hair Extensions Installation takes 60-120 minutes and the maintenance is 60-120 minutes, depending on how many rows or hair you need.

The Salon maintenance for your weft extensions is 6-8 weeks

Tape Hair Extensions

Even though we are not sourcing our own Salon Tape Hair Extensions line/brand, Tape is very popular method of hair extensions that can be applied and maintenance at The Studio.

Our Stylists are well trained with Tape Method, you are well come to BYO your Tape hair.

The Initial Tape Extensions Installation takes 45-60 minutes.

We recommend the maintenance service for Tape is 6-8 weeks, the re-installation including removal takes 90-120 minutes in 1 setting.

Our Hair Extensions

  • Hair sourced from an Australian supplier 

  • We know where our hair has come from, our hair is collected from Asian donors

  • Our hair is processed (bleached and coloured) in Europe. Unlike other brands, our hair colours are not susceptible to fading, particularly under our Australian sun

  • Our hair has 100% of their cuticles intact, meaning, our hair will not be prone to knotting or matting

  • We The Studio and our gorgeous supplier Volume & Length Hair Extensions , will always strive to understand your inspirations and ideals, we will endeavour to achieve your goal colour without colouring our extensions any further. This will ensure our hair will always look its best and will have great longevity

  • Our hair textures are not chemical treated, therefore they will behave the same way as natural hair.





Our goal is  to provides the best quality hair  to ensure longevity & the best possible experience resulting in a seamless natural look. 

Book your complimentary, no obligation consultation online here!

ZipPay   &  AfterPay   are Available at The Studio .

Begin your glamsformation today with Zip pay or After PayWith these payment options, achieving your best hair yet is made all the more affordable and flexible.

Use our Payment Plan on salon visits that are a minimum $150 for ZipPay or $200 for AfterPay.

Set up flexible repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly and have fabulous hair and beauty today with nothing to pay upfront.

Before signing up for Zip Pay or AfterPay, you should consider whether it is suited to your financial needs.

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